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Alumina Products expected to be a wide range of applications

The Company, as a sole distributor of Activated Alumina of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. handles a variety of Alumina Products other than the Activated Alumina. As for Alumina Products, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. got ISO9001 certification for the first time in Japan, we have gotten evaluation of trust from our customers.

Main Products

BusinessEProducts Features Main Use
Aluminum Hydroxide This Aluminum Hydroxide is produced by the Bayer process.
We have Wet type and Dry type.
Wet type is a general-purpose product and the perfect choice for raw material of aluminum salt.
We have a variety of products in Dry type to accommodate various kinds of applications such as fine, very fine, low-soda, high white and surface treatment.
  • Filler(Electronic Board, Wallpaper, Artificial Mable)
  • Industrial Chemicals(Inorganic Flocculants, Ceramic Raw Material)
  • Paper(Coating, Filler)
  • Ceramics(Glass, Optical Glass)
Activated Alumina We are the sole distributor of Activated Alumina.
We have a powder type of Gamma Alumina and Granule.
As for Granulated products, controlling Particle size, Pore size, Pore volume, Pore size distribution and the BET surface area, it can apply to a variety of applications.
It is also possible for us to optimize it in response to the customer's request.
  • Dryer
  • Absorbent
  • Catalyst Support
Alumina (Aluminum Oxide) Alumina is produced by the Bayer process.
We can meet the diverse needs by controlling the Primary particle size, Sodium (Na) contents, Particle size and Particle size distribution.
  • Refractory (Shaped , Unshaped , Castable)
  • Abrasive
  • Ceramics (Spark plug, Electronic parts)
  • Glass (LCD)
High Purity Alumina High-Purity Alumina(4N or higher) is produced by the Alcohoxide method.
Due to differences in production methods, there are high-purity alumina (AKP series, HPA) and Advanced alumina (AA series).
AKP series is a fine powder consisting of high purity and uniform particles.
AA series is a Sphere Like Shaped Particle of Alpha Alumina Single Crystal.
  • Single Crystal(Sapphire)
  • Functional Filler for Resin
  • High Performance Ceramics
  • Lithium Rechargeable Battery

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Business & Products

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