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Aluminum Ingots & Aluminum Products

Aluminum supporting all fields in todayfs society

We have developed the wide range of business activities over the downstream from the upstream with respect to various Alloy Ingots, Aluminum Scrap and Aluminum Processing Products in addition to Aluminum Ingots.

(Aluminum Ingots)

(Aluminum Extruded Products)

(High Purity Aluminum Wire)

Main Products

BusinessEProducts Features Main Use
High Purity Aluminum We meet various customer needs, such as various kinds of shapes and purity related to high purity Aluminum, those are Ingots, Wires, Plats and Shots made of High - Purity metal (99.98% or higher) of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd..
  • Electronic Components
  • Display Materials
  • Semiconductor Process Materials
  • Brilliant Products
Aluminum Ingots We provide Aluminum Ingots, Aluminum Alloy Ingots, Master Alloy, Billets and Aluminum Scrap.
  • Industrial Materials
  • Automobile Parts
  • Home Appliance Parts
  • Battery Materials
Aluminum Products We provide Extruded Products, Rolling Products, Powder, Foil, Wire, Die Casting Products, Cast and Forged Products.
  • Interior/Exterior Materials of Automobiles
  • IT Equipment, Lighting Equipment
  • Heat Exchange Components
  • Building/Housing Materials

Business & Products

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